Willowwind Annual Fund

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What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the primary fundraising event held by our school. All families are asked to participate at the level that they are able. Our goal for community participation is 100%, which includes the giving of teachers, staff, administrators, Board of Trustee members, and families.

Where does my donation go?

Although the allocation of dollars differs from year to year based on areas of need, here are a few important examples of the work your gift provides:

  • It Bridges the Gap: As with most independent schools, tuition alone does not cover the costs of educating each student. Contributions to the Annual Fund bridge the gap between tuition and operating costs. Augmenting tuition through charitable gifts helps keep tuition at a competitive rate and provides many important programs and improvements that are essential to maintaining your expectation of excellence. The majority of donations generated during our Annual Fund are immediately applied to programs within the current school year.

  • It Helps Provide Professional Development for our TeachersYour generosity ensures that our teachers have access to current, high quality, professional development opportunities. This year’s Annual Fund will: offset the cost of recertifying every faculty member in CPR and First Aid, and provide an opportunity for faculty to attend off-site professional development conferences.

  • It Allows for Special Projects:  A generous donation from you means that we can plan for larger projects throughout the school year. Field trips, guest speakers, enhanced technology, are just a few examples of what became possible as a result of last year’s Annual Fund.

  • It Helps Fund Enrichment: This includes after-school programing such as: running club, fine arts, Lego league, and Odyssey of the Mind.