Willowwind Board of Trustees

Brian Codd

Brian Codd has been a member of Willowwind's Board of Trustees since 2008 and became President in 2017.  He serves on the Nominations Committee and Financial Aid Committee, and previously chaired the Campus and Facilities Committee.  Each of his sons, Orson, Sumner, and Dashiell, thrived at Willowwind and they harnesses those experiences and lessons every day in their loves of learning, self-expression, and compassion.  Brian’s work in film, television, and digital distribution afforded him the ultimate prize when he met his wife Pam at Universal in 1996. Over the past five years they have worked together as advocates for pediatric health care issues.


Megan LaVelle

Megan is co-owner and a therapist at Integrated Community Therapists in Iowa City.  One of Megan’s business partners is also a current Willowwind parent. Several years ago, Megan’s older daughter attended Willowwind preschool.  Megan has stayed connected to Willowwind through her business partner, as well as through her friendship with current Board Member Phoebe Martin.  Megan sees Willowwind as a gem in our community that provides a unique learning environment for children, and greatly admires our ability to engage with our students on a more individualized basis.  Megan has also spent time in her career on the business and administrative side of her industry, and understands the importance of strategic planning and direction, policy, financial management and fundraising.

Megan states, “As a native to Iowa City and a former Willowwind parent I am very excited to continue to serve on the Willowwind Board of Trustees.  It is an amazing chance to have input and be a part of a thriving piece of the Iowa City community. With a diversified background as a mental health therapist, business owner, and philanthropist with management experience, I bring a unique perspective that I believe helps the Board in its ongoing endeavors on behalf of the school and its community.  I am excited to continue to do my part to support Willowwind and its mission.”


Zoe Eskin

Having nurtured the school and teachers since the first week in September 1972, Zoe feels responsible to help make judgments than will continue to promote and serve the viability of the Willowwind by continuing to be a member of the Board of Trustees.  Her main skills remain being a parent and then grandparent, a financial backer of several generations of Willowwind students. She is grateful for the educational philosophy and dedication of the staff and the openness of the students. Her children today, with children of their own, continue to reflect the Willowwind spirt.  Zoe has served on several Boards and Commissions in Iowa City (and elsewhere). She has been a Willowwind supporter for the past 40 plus years, and she feels comfortable listening in and supporting the school. 

Zoe states, “It is an honor to continue to serve and promote this unique independent, trend-setting institution.  Willowwind values its students in a unique and wholesome way. I am proud of its recognition by being accepted as a member of ISACS (Independent Schools Association of the Central States).  Membership is a recognition that we are fostering the highest educational standards and educating each student uniquely according to their needs. I hope to continue to support these accomplishments.”


Phoebe Martin

Phoebe Martin is a local Iowa City Realtor with Skogman Realty and co-owner of Martin Construction with husband, Andy Martin.  Their two boys have been at Willowwind since preschool and are now in third and fifth grade. Having prior work experience with private day schools and boarding schools around the country, Phoebe is familiar and passionate about the need for alternative education options.  Phoebe was born and raised in Iowa City and knows the importance of what Willowwind has to offer to this community and its children.  She gives back to this community in many ways; she has served eight years as a commissioner on the Planning and Zoning Commission of Iowa City, has 12 years of involvement with the Home Builders Association of the Greater Iowa City Area, is a past board member of United Action for Youth, and was a part of many local fundraising committees, including the United Way.

Phoebe states, “It was a warm, sunny day eight years ago. I, a nervous first-time mother, walked my sweet Dexter to his first day of preschool at Willowwind.  His baby brother, Isaak, slept through that lovely walk along the Creekside path as we listened to the insects in the dense brush nearby. I was immediately at ease in the incredibly welcoming school atmosphere.  In those days, I volunteered as much as I could in the classroom, and in the school as a parent volunteer. How times have changed in just the blink of an eye. I am so grateful to Willowwind and the Willowwind family to have given my children such an amazing foundation.”


Sarah Richardson

Sarah has been happily associated with Willowwind since her oldest child joined the kindergarten class in 1999.  Both of her children spent all of their elementary years at Willowwind and use their Willowwind education as the standard against which to measure the quality of all other educational experiences.  Willowwind’s long tradition of individualized learning, attention to the whole child, as well as the emphasis on children’s relation to the natural world, the local community, and the world at large have made her children, ages 20 and 23, the caring global citizens they are today.  She spent ten years on the Willowwind board and has returned for another stint after a break. She serves on six other non-profit boards and advisory committees with a focus on assuring access to basic needs including quality education to all members of our community. She has a background in business and education.  She will bring her knowledge of Iowa City and training in business development and marketing to her role as a board member as she helps to spread the good news of Willowwind to the larger community so that more children can benefit from the treasure that is a Willowwind education.


Pope Yamada

Pope Yamada grew up in Iowa City and, after attending college at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and working in the technology industry in San Francisco, California, returned to Iowa to pursue a career in law.  After graduating with his law degree from the University of Iowa College of Law, he started his legal practice at Phelan Tucker Law Offices where he continues to serve as a partner with a successful litigation practice.  Pope lives in Iowa City with his wife and two children. He is actively involved in the Iowa City community having served on multiple local boards including the Riverside Theater Board, Midwest One Advisory Board, the University of Iowa Art Museum Membership Council, and Willowwind School.  He also enjoys volunteering his time at the Senior Citizen Center and other local non-profit organizations.

Pope's goals in serving on the Willowwind School Board of Trustees is to protect the school's academic mission, ensure the school's financial stability and foster the school's ability to provide the best educational experience and opportunities for its students.  With educational budgets, academic curriculum and school safety being mitigated by state and national interests, the promotion of these goals are paramount. Pope hopes to further these goals through his continued service on the Willowwind School Board of Trustees.