Curriculum Overview

Willowwind School seeks to ignite a passion in learning, offering a combination of intellectually integrated and emotionally enriching experiences. At Willowwind, each student is provided the opportunity to grow emotionally and socially. Feeling safe, loved, and respected encourages students to take academic risks and accept challenges.

Academic excellence is not simply a destination but a journey we undertake. It lives and breathes in Willowwind’s mission, in the meaningful work of its students, in rigorous challenges and connections between what they learn and how they live, and in a shared commitment to the growth of each individual student. Willowwind cultivates an environment where students excel. Research-based and best-practice curriculums are designed to ignite students’ interests and passions while challenging the abilities in every student. 

The curriculum and programs are driven by student interests and are regularly adapted for multiple learning styles. Students learn through more than just textbooks. Willowwind teaches through experiences to ensure that students don’t just memorize and read facts, but develop a genuine understanding of the curriculum. Units of study become memorable events as students present their projects and research to the larger community. Events such as Authors’ Cocoa, Community Night, VIP Day, and Portfolio Night are highlights throughout the school year.

Students play a large role in their own learning. Their natural curiosity, passion for discovery, and innate drive to create builds an atmosphere of respectful learning. Learning is hands-on and responsive to the interests and learning styles of each student. Each child is a unique learner, and current learning theories are used to develop appropriate ways to meet the needs of every child.  

Beyond a solid academic program, Willowwind also provides a social curriculum that emphasizes students’ respect and appreciation in themselves, others, and the natural world. Students are encouraged to think like global citizens. This provides students with a sense of belonging, a climate of trust, and a joyful merging of social, emotional, and intellectual development. Willowwind has a strong commitment to developing positive characters by creating purposeful opportunities for students to act upon their desire to grow as respectful citizens in the local community and beyond.

Willowwind believes in what it does and the students are direct owners in their educational experience. It is Willowwind’s goal to create confident students, respectful individuals, and global citizens.