Willowwind School
Spring 2017 After School Enrichment Program

We are excited to announce the list of spring after school enrichment classes for Preschool through 6th grade students. Learners can participate in a variety of classes such as Astronomy and Creative Writing. 

Classes are offered in one twelve-week session: January 30th - April 28th. Enrollment is open to all students in the Iowa City community.

To Enroll: Please complete this registration form and return it to our Program Director, Katherine Anderson, at katherinea@willowwind.org. Enrollment is first-come, first-serve and begins immediately. Minimum enrollment for all classes is 7 students and maximum enrollment is 16 students. The registration deadline is Friday, January 27th.


Junior Kindergarten

Monday, 4:00-5:00 PM.

Cost: $145, $120 for full-time ASP enrollees/12 classes.

Explore your brand new world of kindergarten! Learn the routines and skills needed to be successful in the kindergarten classroom. With literacy, math, science, movement, and social skills featured, children are sure to build confidence about their new learning adventure. Academic and interpersonal skills instruction will be specialized for children making the big transition from self-directed preschool experiences to teacher-led kindergarten work. This course is sure to make for a smooth transition from preschool-kindergarten in the fall.


Magical Potions

Friday, 3:30 – 4:30 PM.

Cost: $120, $95 for full-time ASP enrollees/10 classes

Learn about physical and chemical reactions through engaging and messy science experiments! Create concoctions such as an exploding volcano, exploding chalk, flubber, sticky sand dough, slime, and bouncy balls! But what happens to make the volcano explode? How do the ingredients work together to make sticky sand dough? Explore the why behind these fun experiments as students enter the science laboratory.


Wednesdays, 3:45-4:45 PM.

Cost: $145, $120 for full-time ASP enrollees/12 classes

Blast off into outer space to learn about the galaxy, Milky Way, stars, planets, the solar system, and meteors! Develop an understanding and apply knowledge of daily and seasonal weather conditions, seasons of the year, and other patterns affected by space. Crafts, games, stories, experiments, and other hands-on activities will be included in this class as you learn all about what goes on in the world above us.

3rd -6th Grade Options

Creative Writing and Publishing

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30 PM.

Cost: $145, $120 for full-time ASP enrollees/12 classes

Create six-word memoirs, sound poems, adventure stories, and more in this creative writing course! Learn how to make characters with Craigslist, write a story with Twitter, and see how long you can convince your friends that words you made up are real. At the end of the course, students' work will be published in a book in collaboration with the Iowa Youth Writing Project!

Art Film

Mondays, 3:30-4:30 PM.

Cost: $145, $120 for full-time ASP enrollees/12 classes

Use your artistic creativity to plan, create, and fine tune a short art film! Start the semester setting the scene and building a city for your film. Use a variety of art mediums to create buildings, streets, cars, airplanes, characters, creatures, and anything else your heart desires! Then work together to develop a story, script, and characters for your city. Using stop motion and live action techniques, film your short story. Then edit and revise to create your finished product. Students will have the opportunity to take home a copy of their short film at the end of the semester.