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Creating an environment where students thrive.

We envision our school as an integral part of a new paradigm in education which prepares students to meet the global needs of the 21st century, including but not limited to entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, creative problem solving, managing the self, relating to others, participating and contributing, reflection, etc. Our values guide our learning experiences in a way that promotes joy, enabling our youth to become passionate life-long learners and empowered citizens of the world.


to develop in our students:

  • Curiosity and a love for learning

  • Self-esteem and self-discipline, combined with social consciousness

  • Emotional sensitivity and respect for others

  • The ability to think flexibly and critically, to problem solve and to express themselves clearly and constructively

  • The acquisition of academic skills and creative pursuits

  • And an appreciation and respect for other cultures, religious and ethnic backgrounds, and for the natural world



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Curiosity & Creativity

We are committed to helping each child discover their  unique strengths and talents in an environment that embraces exploration and questioning.


Challenging Academics & A Balanced Approach

Our developmentally structured curriculum allows each child to fulfill their  intellectual, creative, physical, and social-emotional potential.



Willowwind develops passionate, confident, self-disciplined individuals who value empathy, accept responsibility, and practice ethical behavior.



We emphasize mutual respect, cooperation, and collaboration, as teachers and students across all age-groups build lasting and rewarding relationships.