Core values that prepare and empower students.

We envision our school as an integral part of a new paradigm in education which prepares students to meet the global needs of the 21st century, including but not limited to entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, creative problem solving, managing the self, relating to others, participating and contributing, reflection, etc. Our values guide our learning experience in a way that promotes joy so that our youth become passionate life-long learners and empowered citizens of world.


Challenging Academics with a Balanced Approach

We believe in developing students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills as future citizens of the world. We are committed to a rigorous academic program founded on the progressive principles of experiential and project-based learning. Willowwind balances this approach by placing equal emphasis on challenging academics and social-emotional wellbeing. Our developmentally structured curriculum allows each child to fulfill their  intellectual, creative, physical, and social-emotional potential. Our integrated approach allows students to become lifelong learners who are able to question, discover, make connections, and take ownership of their development in an environment where it is safe to take intellectual and creative risks. Willowwinders come to understand the most important lesson: for a skilled and passionate lifelong learner, anything is possible.

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Curiosity and Creativity

Curiosity and creativity are at the core of the learning process at Willowwind. To ignite a passion for learning, we are committed to cultivating these values to help each child discover their  unique strengths and talents in an environment that embraces exploration and questioning. As students examine new ideas from multiple perspectives, generate innovative solutions to problems, and express themselves in a clearly and constructively, they learn that each perspective and individual voice is important. The creative process is central to our teaching as we embrace curricular innovation that energizes our program and lends new insights to learning.

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Willowwind develops passionate, confident, self-disciplined individuals who value empathy, accept responsibility, and practice ethical behavior. We foster character by emphasizing the development of social and emotional skills in step with academic skills. We emphasize sound decision making, an appreciation of each individual’s impact on their  community, a desire to contribute, and a commitment to engaging with the outside world.



Interpersonal relationships and a sense of community are essential to a child’s motivation, self-esteem, academic success, and overall well-being. Willowwinders grow and learn in an supportive, cohesive environment that recognizes the unique needs of each developmental stage while fostering connection and continuity. We emphasize mutual respect, cooperation, and collaboration, as teachers and students across all age-groups build lasting and rewarding relationships. As a result, Willowwinders experience themselves both as individuals and as an integral part of the Willowwind family. Our students, parents, faculty, administration and Board of Trustees are a community of dedicated, passionate, lifelong learners who seek ways to partner with our neighbors to foster engagement, build bridges, solve problems, and enhance our community.