Welcome to Kindergarten!

Curriculum in the Kindergarten classroom helps students develop a better awareness of themselves, as well as how to successfully interact with others and the world around them.  Students learn to take responsibility for themselves, develop good work habits, and complete tasks, helping them to grow personally and academically. Kindergarteners become readers, writers, authors, illustrators, presenters, artists, architects, mathematicians, problem-solvers, leaders, partners, teachers, and friends.


Curricular Areas


School day

Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m

Before and After-School Programs are available from 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Featured Project



The Kindergarten Literacy curriculum emphasizes the need for integration of literacy across the content areas.  Reading and writing are therefore integrated into Social Studies and Science whenever possible.  This integration allows students to not only gain a deeper understanding of the material being covered, but also encourages them to use literacy skills throughout the day.



Willowwind uses Math in Focus, a Singapore-based approach to teaching math.  This curriculum engages students with topics while allowing them to gain a deep understanding of math concepts.  Math in Focus lessons interlock concept and skills by teaching both "the why" and "the how" drawing on students' prior knowledge and recently acquired concepts to combine problem solving strategies with critical thinking skills when teaching complex skills.



In Kindergarten, the year long science curriculum focuses on human connections to the natural world.  Each science unit exposes students to hands-on lessons that correspond to what they are already observing in their world.  Students will learn ways to find answers to questions that come from their own curiosities about their everyday experiences.


Social Studies

At the start of the Kindergarten year, we focus a large amount of our time studying ways to be the best versions of our self.  This helps students develop a keen sense of personal and civic responsibility.  Studying respect, responsibility, honesty, compassion, perseverance, self-discipline, giving help promote excellence in living, as well as learning. 

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Kindness Project

This past spring, inspired by their Kindness Unit, Kindergarteners led discussions with both preschool and elementary students on the importance of kindness and what it looks like to them. They challenged the community to fill the school with kindness over the next week. 

The Concept

Each member of the community was encouraged to perform at least three acts of kindness over the course of the week. This could be anything from helping a friend clean up to offering a compliment, or telling a joke to make someone smile. Each completed act was written on a strip of paper and the strips were joined into a chain.

The Result

The project was so well received that it was extended for a second week. These acts of kindness hung in our Gathering Space as a reminder of how easy it is to be kind. This project beautifully demonstrates Willowwind's passion to empower students to take a leadership role in their educational experiences.  While the Kindergarteners may be some of our youngest students, their voices were heard and their idea made a difference in our community. 



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