Instruction in foundational literacies such as math, science, and English and language arts are paired with opportunities for problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration..


Each child is a unique learner and a champion in their own education. Their natural curiosity, passion for discovery, and innate drive to create builds an atmosphere of respectful learning. Students are provided with hands-on experiences which respond to the interests, learning styles, and abilities of each student.

Units of study become memorable events as students present their projects and research to the larger community. Events such as Authors’ Cocoa, Spring Learning Showcase, and Portfolio Night are highlights throughout the school year.

We believe that preparing students with 21st century skills should begin in the foundational years of education. We work to develop both IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence) equally. Each student works at an academic pace that meets their individual stage of development. Students build collaborative relationships while discovering and developing their own voice thereby taking ownership of their learning.


Seasonal Observations Through hands-on exploration and observation, students learn about the seasons and answer questions like how and why they change.