A balanced approach for a lifelong love of learning.

Academic excellence is not simply a destination but a journey we undertake. It lives and breathes in our mission, in the meaningful work of our students, in rigorous challenges, the connections between what they learn and how they live, and in a shared commitment to the growth of each individual student.

Willowwind also provides a social curriculum that emphasizes students’ respect and appreciation in themselves, others, and the natural world. This provides students with a sense of belonging, a climate of trust, and a joyful merging of social, emotional, and intellectual development.

We encourage independence, risk-taking, and critical thinking across the curriculum and equip our students with the skills to approach complex challenges and a changing environment with curiosity, persistence, and leadership. At Willowwind, we nurture a sense of respect and compassion and balance academic achievement with the development of social and emotional intelligence, recognizing that success in the 21st century requires both.


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Curriculum in the Kindergarten classroom helps students develop a better awareness of themselves, as well as how to successfully interact with others. Students learn to take responsibility for themselves, develop good work habits, and complete tasks, helping them to grow personally and academically. Kindergarteners become readers, writers, authors, illustrators, presenters, artists, mathematicians, problem-solvers, leaders, teachers, and friends.

Third & Fourth


Third and fourth grade is a time for great growth when it comes to executive functioning. Students develop increased independence over the course of these years. Students learn how to learn and challenge themselves at their own level through three project-based units each year.  Projects are learner centered, so the students have ownership of their own education, making decisions and studying their own inquiries.



Specials classes are designed to enrich classroom learning and provide students with opportunities to explore creative outlets and develop physical strength and teamwork skills. Preschool through 6th grade students experience music, art, and P.E. classes on a weekly basis. Whenever possible, classroom work is also incorporated into specials curriculum in order to further extend our students’ learning experiences.

First & Second


First and Second Grade is a time for students to expand upon what it means to be a learner at Willowwind, especially in our own class community. Students develop and strengthen essential life-long skills as a foundation for their time here. Social-Emotional focuses and the building of important work habits are at the forefront of our learning. These themes continue throughout their time here at Willowwind with increased and matured purpose. 

Fifth & Sixth


Fifth and Sixth graders are given opportunities to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Students are expected to work more independently. With teacher scaffolding students are provided chances to develop their responsibility, independence, initiative, reliability, and intrinsic motivation. Teachers push students to the edge of their abilities and expect students to participate fully in this process.


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