Willowwind was founded in 1972 by a group of educators and parents to provide an innovative approach to education for the Iowa City community. Since 1972, many children have benefited from the superior education available at Willowwind School. Previously located at 226 South Johnson in a charming, 19th-century brick house, Willowwind relocated to 950 Dover Street to further meet the needs of a growing student population.  Our new location features an environmentally friendly construction and leading edge design, tailored to support the Willowwind philosophy and mission.

Willowwind students come from rural and urban settings and represent an economic, ethnic, and academic cross-section of the area. Some students begin Willowwind at age five and attend until graduation at age twelve. Others enter Willowwind after having attended different schools. Our students have achieved area and state recognition for their skills in history, mathematics, writing, inventions, spelling, science, and chess. They have produced original puppet shows in French and English, given concerts, presented plays for diverse community groups, and have performed in university operas. Their art is frequently displayed at area galleries. Following graduation from Willowwind, our students have continued to excel academically, artistically, and socially. Some of our older alumni now work professionally as engineers, writers, musicians, and in differing business sectors.